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Wei Jia , General Manager at Chengde Pacific Drinks Co., Ltd.


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Chengde Pacific Drinks Co., LTD. Was founded in 1995, is a company that collect development, production and sales. Our main product beidahuang brand gold king E corn germ - vegetable protein drinks and almond milk, and the gold king E - corn germ vegetable protein drinks is the exclusive production and won the national invention patent.

Country: China

Organization Type: Company

Email: uaec066@uaec-expo.com

City: Chengde ,Pingquan County, Small Temple Ditch Town, Wan Face Village Google map

Areas of Activities

Food and drink Producers and Traders


    黄金E王—Corn germ vegetable protein drinks ; almond milk

    黄金E王 - corn germ vegetable protein drinks is a science and technology department of hebei province identified as high-tech products, is the independent research and development and access to the national invention patent of corn germ protein beverage, is pure natural and with function of anti-fatigue, anti-aging, skin care keeping in good health health drink. Its features unique taste, rich in natural vitamin E, the vitamin E is extracted from natural plant corn germ, high safety. The absorption rate, the duration of the physiological activity and in the human body, etc., is a synthetic VE several times, are more likely to be absorbed by human body use. Part is the essence of corn, corn germ as raw material, after the biological cell wall-breaking treatment, superfine grinding, mixing and other international advanced production technology refined but become, rich nutrition, especially of natural vitamin E content on the list of vegetable protein drinks up to 2.20 mg / 100 g. Seek to do vegetable protein beverage supplier