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Dragana Stojanović at media.com d.o.o.


Media.com is specialized in marketing services: graphical design, video production (corporate films, reportages, ads, postproduction, photography), web design, media buying, campaign and promotion organization and management, media/marketing panning and implementation, event organization and management, education in agribusiness... Client portfolio - KWS(Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria,Turkey,..), Agromarket, BASF Serbia, Belchim CropProtection, Timac AgroBalkans, Eurolog System doo, Golić trade, Mineral Pro, Dupont Serbia, Oskra Henriksen AS, Nunhems Zaden BV, Bayer CropScience, Victoria Group, GMB Automatik, Delta Generali, Astra Travel, Delta agrar, FNPSMS/EuroMaiz, Fertil, Syngenta, Sunoko, Julia Mills(Serbia, Hungary), Castrix, MPG, MD Imaging and others.

Country: Serbia

Organization Size: 1-10

Phone: 0113139809

Email: d.stojanovic@mediacom.co.rs

City: Belgrade ,Milutina Milankovića 94 Google map